Live Spaces quits. So I got an email on my hotmail account with an offer to continue the space (blog) here on WordPress… So I decided to move along with it. Just out of curiousity to see what disasterous results could be triggered by such a move. My live space was never really interesting anyway. Just some stupid (badly written) rantings and a shitload of my cartoons. And there you have it. They only moved the stupid (badly written) rantings and NOT the photo-albums. NOT the extensive blogroll filled with interesting and inspiring links that were actually politically correct and suitable for family life. (Ok, I admit the ‘google’-button actually redirected to redtube, but hey… You don’t HAVE to click on it, right?)

Sooo, we’re fresh! I can haz new cartoons to post here…

Hmm… I think I like Blogspot better… Just sayin’.

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BS Galactica (where bs stands for Bullshit, not Battlestar…)

"The colonies are destroyed!" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"There’s a Cylon chick in my head!" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"Hey, cool! Starbuck is a chick, now!" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"Hey, that guy used to play Apollo, lol!" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"Don’t I know that admiral guy from… Miami Vice?" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"I wonder if they also have a cool cameo for Dirk Benedict…" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"Flashback > Your mommy loved you, No she didn’t…" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"Another flashback > You have cancer!" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"There’s a Cylon in the brig…" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"We need to maintain a centralized government!" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"Don’t torture the Cylon chick, it’s not nice." (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"We found a new world to live on!" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"We must leave this rock asap!" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"Wait wait wait… She is a Cylon?" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"Ancient prophecy, my ass! – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)"
"The cylon kid’s blood cured your cancer." – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"Where’s my kid?" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"You have AIDS, now, people frak too much on board this bucket!" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
"I hear All Along The watchtower, WTF?" – (Cylons attack, Battlestations!)
Now, it WOULD be nice if ALL CRAP-SCENES were followed by an all-out Cylon attack, but, in this new series, it’s not gonna happen.
Just like in the old days, when we used to hate episodes that were primarily filled with socio-economic and/or religious crap or people rioting for food and water or people fighting each other because of racism and bigotry vs. rightiousness and goody-2-shoes, we just wanted them to SHOOT FUCKIN’ CYLONS, AND NEVER STOP DOING THAT!!!
Ok, I like the ‘new’ admiral Adama. And since I am quite gullable -thinking they just pick drifters of the street to star in any new TV-series-, it took me some time before I realised he played LT. Castillo in Miami Vice. What I don’t like is that he never COMPLETELY LOSES IT! Sure, when he’s pissed off and frustrated he breaks his little boat-model or punches Cl. Tigh in the face. If I had written the script, at least it would have turned out that HE was the final Cylon, not that tramp-bitch-wife of his drunk XO.
Oh, and by the way. He still has the same speach-impediment. Without subtitles I have to rewind his scenes at least two times before I understand any word he mumbles!
I like the role of Zarek, especially because that actor used to play Apollo. But why do we see him only about three times in all four series, and getting shot for treason in the end? Why not have made him more evil and stuff? As a matter of fact, HE should have played Baltar. And the guy playing Baltar should have been some ordinary grunt killed in action in episode one! And Baltar should never have gone fuckin’ mental on religion in the last series! He should have stayed EVIL, and should have become even MORE HOMICIDAL! I like his groupies with kalashnikov’s, BUT THEY SHOULD’VE USED THEM, ALL THE TIME!!!
And what’s with Starbuck? Sure, I like the fact that she is a wild chick now… But why have her killed and resurrected again? Why the sudden enigma when she’s not even a Cylon? Pay attention: nothing makes bloody sense here! first: She went to Earth and back and found it again because of the transponder in her -mysteriously-  substituted viper. While her dead body was lying on that mysterious world. Second, she manages to extrapolate coordinates from that Dylan-song later to find the second Earth. I thought the final five had that song in their head to trigger them into Cylon-ness. But it leads to Earth. And not even their own -old- world (which would make some sense), but the new one. At which time, when they left 2000 years before, they didn’t know about or didn’t even care. ‘Cause they only wanted to go to the 12 colonies to warn the people there…
Not only leads the Dylan song the dead chick to Earth, it triggers the final five cylons, it leads the cylons to the viper with the mysterious transponder, it also has something to do with that Hera kid and Starbucks father used to play it… Pretty darn useful, a song like that… If you want to be led to believe all kinds of superstitious crap!!! However, it will NOT lead you to a higher truth, not to a way to get fucking even with these Cylon bastards, not to any answers regarding the origin of Cylon technology or even humanity itself. No, it leads to some backward planet where the Galacticans decide to fuck with the natives and get on with their lives, but without their technology.
They better not develop cancer now, then, would they?
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Meanwhile in Runescape

 (I don’t remember player44’s real name. And I didn’t copy the conversation, so this story is reproduced by my flawed memory.
I wouldn’t know how to copy any conversation from Runescape anyway, except by making screenshots… Which is a pain when you’re playing and having fun…)

I was going to mine some gold ore and Iron, minding my own business as usual…
A level 44 player approached me -within 2 seconds after I logged in and spawned in the mine area at Rimmington!- and asked: "emerald necklace plz."
So I answered: "I don’t have one, I’m sorry," and I started mining ores.
"Emerald Necklace Plz, I give 1745!" I replied: "I don’t have one, I’m really sorry." (I kept on mining)
"plzzzzz" (by now I figured it might be a girl)

I typed: "Can’t you make one? mine some gold."
"hmmmm," followed by: "o.o" (by now I figured she might be a Japanese girl)
"And uncut emeralds are dropped by cockroach-drones in the dungeon above barbarian village," I typed, "You could take them with level 44."

By this time I mined 4 gold and 16 Iron, He/she kept nagging for an emerald necklace, we were alone there in the mining pit, so you can calculate or imagine how long this took already, player44 was in follow mode, always one step right behind me, asking for an emerald necklace…
"plzplzplz emerald necklace? 1745! Is all my money!"
As I filled the last two inventory slots with gold ore I asked: "what makes you think I own emerald Necklaces anyway?"
No answer followed…

In my inventory I happened to carry a mythril SQ shield that I just packed to sell. So I opened a trade-offer, offering it to the player. But it wasn’t accepted…
A mythril SQ shield is worth on average ten more gold coins than an emerald necklace, and could be sold in a shop just a 20 seconds walk to the north, after which the jewelry shop would be a 30 second walk to the harbour-village. In fact, player44 carried enough money to buy 2 emerald necklaces there at that time. I didn’t know that either then, otherwise I would have pointed that out…

As I prepared to walk to the bank to stash my earnings I had a sudden change of heart. I don’t know why yet, but … call me a whimp.
"Follow to bank," I said. (No reply but he/she followed…)
"Run," I said and turned on my running mode… (No Reply and player44 lagged behind). So I stopped for a while and said: "Turn ON your running," and I ran to the bank. This time player44 ran along. Upon entering the bank area I typed: "Wasnt that fun now…"

(There I considered al of a sudden to use the Teleport-To-Lumbridge spell, but I didn’t know if player44 had used it in the last half hour… Too risky, but it WOULD break follow mode for a while though, maybe long enough to hide somewhere in an uninteresting area… Naah, any kid could find me there anyway.)

At the counter I typed: "moment plz" and player44 replied: "ok," and I entered the banker’s interface.
I saw I had just one clean-cut emerald, and a hundred or more goldbars, and I also had the proper mould for crafting necklaces, go figure… I’m such a dork.)
So I typed: "Follow to Lumbridge."
Still no replies and so on, just a short "ok ty". So, to kill some time during our little journey I started babbling like this:
"You picked the right guy…"
"I happen to make necklaces all the time…"
"How did you know I make necklaces regularly, anyway?"
"I’m gonna make one four you."
"For free."
"Since I give to the needy"
"and the worthy…"
(I grinned while typing that. I was sure this was at least one category where player44 wouldn’t fit and wondered if player44 would realise that there was no compliment at all embedded in that remark…)

Upon entering Lumbridge, for a moment I felt like going through the desert gate, which I am allowed to enter for free. But player44 would be able to follow anyway, because I realized he/she had at least 1745 in gold coins… Enough to pay for the passing fee. However this TOO would break the follow mode for maybe just long enough to make a run for it… And I could always use the lie for an excuse that i needed to pick up a mould there…

But: A man must keep the promises he makes, even to n00bs in a virtual environment like an online RPG! Or else he shall not pass as ever as a Runescape-guru!
So I walked to the furnace and crafted an emerald necklace for her/him/still don’t know what that player44 was… Irritating, yes…

I typed: "Now, accept the trade, don’t give me money, just accept for free, plz" (as in: Your perseverance in nagging shall not go unrewarded)
The trade screen appeared, I entered the emerald necklace and on the other side of the tab appeared 1745! I decided to ignore it and just take the money anyway, hoping this would satisfy the little bugger… and clear me of her/his annoying presence… I’m not much of a people’s person, you know.

As I left I typed: "Have fun with it," and player44 followed me still.
"Friends?" player44 asked. I typed: "Sure…" as I walked back to the harbour-town… I anxiously looked at my friends list, but the name of player44 did not show up. Could it be that this person did NOT know how to add people to the friends-list? More assumptions crossed my mind. Level 44? But apparently not able to forge gold and jewelries? Or just to lazy to do all that? Does this person not realise that doing things yourself in Runescape is the only way to achieve wealth and power? Would he/she dare follow me into the most dangerous dungeon in the free-player world? No, that would be mean, I would even feel obligated -being a creature of light, justice and truth- to warn and even protect that person while doing that… Could I somehow enslave this person by making more promises? Use him as an item-collector? Build an army of n00bs? Naah, as I said: I’m not a real people’s person… Or a slave-master of sorts…

"I follow you, my friend." I started to freak out a bit here… I took my lobster cage from the bank and walked towards the boat in the harbour town.
"I go fishing and then watch TV," I  typed. I talked to the captain and payed 30 gold coins for the fare.
The last thing player44 typed was:
Phew, lost him! (by now I was sure it was some obnoxious kid, Belgian or Dutch like myself, not a broad, not Japanese, no little hentai-dream, sigh)

After catching lobsters, I changed outfit before I teleported to Lumbridge (taking of my armor and cape and weapons), just to be sure…

The crafting of the necklace had kicked my crafting skills to fourty. In Lumbridge Castle Bank I discovered that I had in fact 2 emerald necklaces, 13 sapphire necklaces, 23 uncut ruby that I was able to cut right after I made that emerald necklace for player44… So I made 23 Ruby Necklaces. After some 20 minutes of work, I walked away from the jewelry store with some 40000 goldcoins. And went right back into the dungeon to get more uncut gems…

Well, next to free items to the needy (and worthy!) I also pass advice and wise lessons: You should have kept your money in your pockets when I offered you to do so, my unwise, money-losing friend.

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Mix up my sh|t!

this is fun: visit http://tashian.com/multibabel/ and produce a badly written manual/thesis/walkthrough/poem, etc.
Sometimes we wonder who the hell comes up with written manuals stating stuff like: Onboard Safety Device Must Not Be Used To Unless Rescue Play With Girl.
Well, I think I know how this sometimes happens… Since it’s origin the internet has adopted the unique feature of translating back and forth data  (Ok, it always was doing nothing else than that), most of that data is litterally copied into other databases, but sometimes stuff is edited or re-directed by either software or – even worse – people.
This site transforms a perfect grammatically correct text into ultimate jibberish, seemingly written by one of those apes in the type-writer experiment… (Of whome none could produce one syllable of a Shakespeare Play…)
I typed in:
In a way, Darth Vader is the only hero in Starwars, since he had the opportunity to rise to the upper ranks of the jedi-order, falling into the dark side and, ultimately, redeeming himself in order to save his son.
and this is what came out after one translation-mesh:
In definitive Darth a Vader of the way the falls is the only hero in
Starwars, since then of which that had the occasion, to the one of the
raised ascent the Jedibefehls to magnify and in the pagination that
the black color one e, of that one he would be had readquirió
finally, in the son its/it of the order to use.

But even better, you can keep remeshing the outcome ove and over again:
In Darth of the obstruction of Vader of the method a hero in Starwars
is the cases only, since then that to this time of où that one had the
occasion, with that the magnified increase Jedibefehls of the disc of
the explosion of a valve and in paginations, that would be the black
color and, of this he __, the end that he has of readquiri like the
conclusion, in the son its/it the to be used instruction.

Ok, strike me with that saber, dude, I don’t even WANNA KNOW!

Oh, and here is the remesh of this blog:
it is of reserve: the visits http://tashian.com/multibabel/ and
produce them inside, of that, sorprend of the etc. are written
manual/thesis/walkthrough/poem. erroneamente _ to the times that those
we have taste, manual he scriv he hell he forn, the one that is that
the substance that indicates that with: To sharpen the preventive
measure to be usatgli is not must the game of the exit with the girl.
Spendthrift thinks about which he knows that this one happens to the
times… Since then that is origin, the Internet estimated the only
unit, in the data of the order after of the east and tradu he (, fêz
correctly always vario not he nothing because one this), the majority,
this is copí of the one of the data litterally in other bases of the
data, only foa of the substance to the times or still-directed of
software or – false silence – of people. This place turns a perfect
one corrected text of grammaticale jibberish the round extremity,
looking like written of one east rammer to exempt the fall in the
experience of the typewriter… (whome no could produce sillaba of a
game of Shakespeare…) I introduced with the keyboard: Of a
definitive way Darth Vader he is the only hero in Starwars, since then
of which that had the occasion, to the one of ascensions raised the
Jedibefehls to magnify and that will fall in the pagination that black
color one and finally in me the shutdowns of the purchase the other
way around, in the son its/it of the order and in him is used being,
who had come to the external part to a translation that she connects:
In Darth of the obstruction of Vader of the method a hero in Starwars
is the cases only, since then that to this time of où that one had the
occasion, with that the magnified increase Jedibefehls of the disc of
the explosion of a valve and in paginations, that would be the black
color and, of this he readquiri, would have _ like the conclusion, in
the son its/it the to be used instruction. But still improved, you can
you with where and still you are the excess of the restorations
updated for the quependura the end not to continue: In Darth of the
obstacle of Vader of the method a hero in Starwars only the cases,
since then that to this time that he has the place he at the moment
used or _, that one the occasion had this, with of this the increase
of Jedibefehls of magnifiée of the disc of the bud of a valve and in
paginations, that would be the color and, of this __, the extremity,
of that the black color that he has of readquiri like the summary, the
son its/it the relative instruction. Aprovaçã0, I with this SABRE,

Thought you’d all like to know… ;P
So, if I ever come up with some sh|t that would cause y’all to come and threathen me to death:
So sue me…

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Post a good idea here for a cartoon and I may draw it.

And when I do, the idea submitter receives it by E-mail, plus he/she/nick gets mentioned in the credits. With a big Thank You (!) and so on.

No further rights. Like ownership of the cartoon (which is and most of the time in the near future will be mine, that is me, I mean, myself), demanding of T-shirts, mugs or mousepads -I don´t run printshop-, commercial exploitation -don´t worry, I will!-, etc, you got the idea, huh huh…

And don´t bug me when I reject any idea -I will probably not even give a reason, anyway-.

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Cartoons, anyone?

Hia, peeps, some of you crackers may know who the hell I am. Others may not…
That’s how I like to keep it… simple, easy-to-use.

I visit most sites and forums under the nickname threewing /|\
The name under my cartoons is Gus… Soo, pick any name when posting remarks.

I make some cartoons, and as soon as I hav
e reinstated my internetconnection I will get this space beefing!
Hence, the cartoons in my photoalbum are some I already parked in a Yahoo-briefcase some time ago.
Please, take a look at them, and put them on your friend’s desktop, for all I care :P

see ya, I guess…
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